Product Description

Course description

This course is best for you if you are looking for an insight into the world of TEFL. Learn the basic principles of teaching English as a Foreign Language. It has 4 easy to follow modules with videos and quizzes.

Once you complete the course and feel that you want to pursue a career in teaching English, then you can upgrade to the 120 hour TEFL course.

What are the requirements?

Fluent speak of English. Aged 18+

Who can take this course?

Anyone who would like to travel abroad and teach English as a Foreign Language


Module 1: TEFL world

  1. English Language and Key Terms
  2. Teaching Methods And Approaches
  3. L1 And L2 Learning
  4. Vocabulary Practice
  5. Video: Day In The Life
  6. Assessment Quiz
Module 2: The Roles of the Teacher
  1. What Makes A Competent And Effective Teacher
  2. The Range Of Teacher Roles
  3. Video: Cultural Differences
  4. Student And Teacher Expectations
  5. The Teacher And The Syllabus
  6. The Teacher Must Be Aware Of Different Learners Levels
  7. Assessment Quiz

Module 3: The Roles of the Learner

  1. Learner Motivation
  2. Learner styles And Strategies
  3. Video: Learner Strategies
  4. Learner Motivation
  5. Assessment Quiz

Module 4: Teaching Grammar

  1. What Is Grammar
  2. Presenting Grammar
  3. Video: Teaching Grammar With Games
  4. Verb Tenses
  5. Assessment Quiz