Product Description

Course description

Kick-start your TEFL journey with this interactive course. You will learn all the key skills to become an effective teacher. 10 easy to follow modules, personal Tutor and job placement. It’s the perfect course to help secure a teaching position abroad.

What are the requirements?

You must be a fluent speaker of English, good level of education and be aged 18+

Who can take this course?

Anyone who would like to travel abroad and teach English as a Foreign Language


Module 1: The TEFL World

  1. English Language and Key Terms
  2. Teaching Methods And Approaches
  3. L1 And L2 Learning
  4. Vocabulary Practice
  5. Video: Day In The Life

Module 2: Module 2: The Roles of the Teacher

  1. What Makes A Competent And Effective Teacher
  2. The Range Of Teacher Roles
  3. Video: Cultural Differences
  4. Student And Teacher Expectations
  5. The Teacher And The Syllabus
  6. The Teacher Must Be Aware Of Different Learners Levels

Module 3: The Roles of the Learner

  1. Learner Motivation
  2. Learner styles And Strategies
  3. Video: Learner Strategies
  4. Learner Motivation

Module 4: Pronunciation

  1. Phonology and Pronunciation
  2. Lexis and Different Lexical Categories
  3. Language Functions
  4. Language Analysis
  5. Video: Building Language Awareness
  6. Slideshow: Rhythm of English Presentation
  7. Sentence Correction

Module 5: Teaching Grammar

  1. What Is Grammar
  2. Presenting Grammar
  3. Video: Teaching Grammar With Games
  4. Verb Tenses

Module 6: Teaching Vocabulary, Receptive and Productive Skills

  1. Teaching Vocabulary
  2. Teaching Speaking
  3. Teaching Writing
  4. Teaching Listening
  5. Teaching Reading
  6. Video: Speaking Activities
  7. Structure Teaching

Module 7: Lesson Planning

  1. Lesson Aims
  2. Planning the Lesson
  3. Evaluating Your Lesson Plan
  4. Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP)
  5. Videos: PPP Lesson
  6. Lesson Plans

 Module 8: Professional Classroom Teaching Skills

  1. Paralinguistics
  2. Paralinguistics Activity
  3. Grouping Learners
  4. Using the Board 7
  5. Eliciting, Concept Checking and Giving Instructions
  6. Concept Checking
  7. Feedback and Correction
  8. Selection and Use of Classroom Texts
  9. Video: Pair Work/Group Work
  10. Video: Learner Feedback

Module 9: Classroom Management

  1. Supplementary Materials and Teaching Aids
  2. Classroom Space
  3. Teaching Large Multi-Level Classes
  4. Classroom Discipline
  5. Classroom Dynamics
  6. Your Professional Responsibilities in the Workplace
  7. Video: Authentic Material
  8. Video: Managing Large Classrooms
  9. Classroom Management Scenarios

Module 10: Testing and Assessment

  1. Defining Testing and Assessment
  2. Conducting Tests
  3. Types of Tests
  4. Writing Effective Questions