Product Description

Course Description

It is well known that people who speak one foreign language find it easier to then learn further languages and this is no coincidence. Multilingual people like me utilise a variety of learning tips and tricks they have picked up along their language learning journey in order to increase the power of their memory – this then allows them to recall the new words and phrases quicker and quicker until it becomes an automatic reflex. I want to share these proven secrets with you so that you can improve your memory and become a language ninja too!

Have you ever wondered how people seem to pick up a language so fast? Do you ever find yourself struggling with memorizing vocabulary and rules? Then this course is designed for people just like you!

This course aims to tap into these tips and tricks that I used to become fluent in a second language and beyond, so that you too can improve your memory and become a more confident and competent linguist! Over the duration of 13 lectures we will explore each method individually, dedicating time to understand what the method involves and how it is most effectively used. I have also included example exercises for each method so that you can get started straight away! Master any Language as quickly as possible using these tips.

General Information

No previous language learning necessary.

No materials required but a notepad and pen will prove useful.

This course is for anyone who wishes to learn a new language or who needs a boost with their current learning experience.

Course Benefits

Memorize and recall new vocabulary MUCH faster and with greater accuracy.

Tackle new languages safely in the knowledge that they will be working to their maximum efficiency.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1             Welcome and What to Expect from the Course.

Lecture 2             Working Out Your Learning Style – It REALLY Helps!

Section 2: 10 Easy Steps to a Better Memory

Lecture 3             Top Tip #1 – Old Fashioned, or Just Good Advice? The Power of the Written Word.

Lecture 4             Top Tip #2 – Dispelling the Myths About Repetition.

Lecture 5             Top Tip #3 – Visualization and Association (Memory Hooks).

Lecture 6             Top Tip #4 – Acronyms are Your New Best Friend.

Lecture 7             Top Tip #5 – My Next Easy Method Often Needs Introducing Carefully Sir!

Lecture 8             Pro Tip #1 – Cognates Can be Fun (But Watch Out for False Friends!).

Lecture 9             Pro Tip #2 – Diglot Weave.

Lecture 10           Pro Tip #3 – Making a Song and Dance About it!

Lecture 11           Pro Tip #4 – Testing, Testing 1,2,3 (times).

Lecture 12           Pro Tip #5 – Gesturing and Acting.

Section 3: Conclusion

Lecture 13           Conclusion and Further Learning.