Product Description

Course Description

This course is all about learning ways in which we can experience success, in every sense of the word, and in every part of our life.

For some people, they may consider themselves to be successful in their professional life, but unlucky in love. For others, they may have met the person of their dreams, but struggle financially and can never seem to get out of the rat race. Then of course, we have all those people, who never seem to enjoy any success in any area of their life.

We believe that you can have it all and that being successful in one area of your life, doesn’t mean you have to compromise in others areas.

Realising our true potential is something we’re rarely encouraged to explore, and this could be because of a number of reasons. More often than not, it comes down to a set of values we adopt over the years, which can begin laying their foundation, as early as childhood.

Self-limiting beliefs are a set values we apply to ourself and often without realising it. They are responsible for self-doubt, low self-esteem, and for a lack of confidence. They become a set of “unsaid” rules which govern our attitudes and behaviours, and result in a person never achieving their true potential and never experiencing the joys of feeling truly successful.

I’ll show you how to recognise self-limiting beliefs, and more importantly to challenge and overcome them, paving the way for you to enjoy unlimited success, and in every part of your life.

Whether you would like to earn more money, start your own business, or find love, I’ll teach you how you can have it all and know your worth!

You’ll learn what success means to you and how you can chart your progress towards your own goals, with the help of resources and tools (all of which are included in the course).

You’ll also learn how to enjoy success as a whole package, including ways in which you can increase your levels of feeling happier and healthier. I’ll show you how to be an effective time manager, and make every count, so that you’re more productive than you’ve ever been!

I offer full support to all of my students, 7 days a week, so you’ve always got someone on your side, cheering you on and keeping you motivated!

The course content includes:

Who is This Course Intended For
Meet Your Instructor
What is Success?
The Path To Success
How Do We Measure Success?
Internal and External Measures of Success
What Does Success Mean To You?
Your Interpretation of Success
Would You Recognise Your Own Success?
Why Do People Want To Be Successful?
What Keeps Us From Being Successful?
Quotes on Success
The Story of Hugh Herr
11 Things That Successful People Have in Common
Our Influence on Success
Are You Afraid of Success?
Self Limiting Beliefs
How Can We Get Over Self Limiting Beliefs?
Habits of Successful People
Common Factors in Successful People
Success in Relationships
Successful Relationships With Our Partners
Successful Relationships With Our Families
Successful Relationships With Our Friends
Successful Relationships With Our Colleagues
10 Things That Successful People Never Do
Success in Business
Tools for Setting Up in Business
Determine Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
10 Dont’s of Successful People
Financial Success
Academic Success
Seven Routines / Beliefs Shared By Successful People
Success With Regards To Your Health
Good Mental Health
Success With Regards To Happiness
BONUS LECTURE: Mindfulness for Happiness!
10 Lists To Success
How To Chart Your Progress?
A Final 10 Tips To Become Successful
What are the requirements?

No prior knowledge or experience in needed
All the resources you need are included in the course
Be assured that the course comes with full support from myself 7 days a week, so there’s always someone on hand to assist you and keep you motivated
All you need to get started is a desire for success, whatever that means for you!
This course is excellent, but unfortunately, it’s not magic, so it will require a little bit of effort on your part and in return, you can expect all the success you could ever wish for!
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 44 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Learn how to set goals and chart your progress towards your own personal success
Enjoy unlimited financial success
Get ahead in business
Enjoy successful, meaningful relationsips
Be able to measure success in every part of your life
Increase your health and happiness levels
Manage your time effectively, so that you make every hour count!
Flourish academically
Discover what success means to you
Understand what has kept you from successful
Overcome these obstacles with simple techniques and practices
Conquer self-limiting beliefs and sail your way into becoming the most successful you can possibly be!
What is the target audience?

This course is for everyone!
If you’ve ever wanted to explore your true potential and enjoy success in every part of your life, then this course is for you
Whether it’s success in the boardroom or the bedroom, this course is for you if you!

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Exploring Success
Section 3: Measuring Success
Section 4: Success and You
Section 5: Inspiration!
Section 6: Influencing Success
Section 7: Self-Limiting Beliefs
Section 8: Habits and Factors of Successful People
Section 9: Successful Relationships
Section 10: Success in The Business World
Section 11: Financial and Academic Success
Section 12: Health and Happiness
Section 13: Toolkit for Success
Section 14: Conclusion